How to obtain/plot/analyze data

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Web pages that plot or show plots of data


Ocean WRIT (Web-based Reanalysis Intercomparison Tools) from NOAA/PSL.

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depth plotPlot maps and cross-sections, time series, and correlation maps using various ocean reanalysis. Compare datasets and years. Analyze and compare time series. Includes GODAS, ORAS5, SODA3-JRA55, SODA3-ERAI, ECCO. Also some JRA55 surface fields, GPCP precipitation, and SST datasets. 

 profile plot New Tool! Ocean WRIT Vertical Profile Tool. Plots profiles at depth with multiple ocean reanalyses (mean, climatology, anomaly) and can plot spread at a grid. Also plots timeXdepth and great circle transects at depth. Reanalyses include ORA5, GODAS, ECCO, SODA(s), and EN4 analysis. 



ORAS5 Plots



Multiple Ocean Comparisons at NOAA/CPC


plot time-series



pentad plot

Abdulla Albalushi (not verified)

Sat, 01/08/2022 - 06:48


Hello All

Please guide; how to make map of previous years of precipitation or 500mb geop anomaly included mjo phase and ENSO


I could not fine it

Mon, 11/01/2021 - 15:02

I'm not sure what the question means. What is the long list of? What are the precise times and locations of? Are you looking for a map of values?


There are various ways to do that. The data is OPeNDAP enabled so any app that will read opendap data can extract a timeseries

You can get a timeseries with our subsetter…

select a single grid by have lat1=lat2 and lon1=lon2. You may need to split up year ranges.

You can get a time series at a point for some monthly variables

For some daily and subdaily variables, see





Thank you! It will try to did into this.

Also, it there a way to extract data from a long list (>100 000) of precise time and location. Any surface reanalysis after 1989 would be OK. I am thinking of an API or something like this.

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