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Comparison Table of Ocean Reanalyses: Global

Dataset Yyears resolution levels model
NCEP/GODAS 1980-present Horizontal 1°x1° (1/3° meridional at the tropics)    MOMv3
NASA ECCO 1993-2017? 1x1 10 in top 10 50 MITgcm and MOM4
BLUELINK 1992-2008 ? 47 MOM4 + Chen hybrid mixed layer
CMCC C-GLORS 1980-2015 Horizontal 1/4°x1/4° (ORCA025 tripolar grid) 50 NEMO V3.2 + LIM2
CMCC CHOR (Historical Reanalysis) 1900-2010 Horizontal 1/2°x1/2° (ORCA05 tripolar grid)  75 NEMO V3.4 + LIM2
NCEP CFSR 1979-near present

Horizontal .25 near the equator;

0.5 beyond the tropics

ECMWF ORAS5 1979-near present

Horizontal 1/4°x1/4°

about 1m level thickness in upper 200 m.

75 NEMO V3.4.1
ECMWF ORAS4 1958-?

Horizontal 1°x1° with equatorial refinement (0.3)

about 10m level thickness in upper 200 m.

42 NEMO V3.0
GECCO 1952-2001 Horizontal 1°x1° 23 MITgcm
GECCO2 1948-2014 1x1/3° 50 MITgcm
GFDL 1961-2012 Global Tripolar grid (360 by 200), 50 ECDA
GLORYS2V4 1993-2016 Global, 1/4° Mercator grid.1m top level, 200m bottom level



Mercator Océan / Copernicus Marine Environment Service (CMEMS)
GMAO 1980-present

1/2° Ocean, 1° Atmosphere


INCOIS-GODAS 2004-almost real time 0.5 deg in the zonal direction. In the meridional direction it is 0.25 between 10S-10N and 0.5 poleward 30 40 MOM4.0
SODA ?? Horizontal 0.25°x0.25at the equator reducing to <10km in the Arctic 50 MOM5
TOPAZ 1992-2016 Horizontal 12km in the Arctic to <16 km in North Atlantic 28 HYCOM v2.2, CICE v3
U of Reading UR025.3 ?? 1/4o 46 NEMO coupled ice-ocean model v2.3
U of Reading UR025.4 1989-2010 1/4 75 NEMO coupled ice-ocean model v3.2
BRAN2020 1993-2020      

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