ERA-20C references

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The following references describe system components:

  • Initial, ensemble production, from which background errors were derived:

    Poli, P, Hersbach, H, Tan, DGH, Dee, DP, Thepaut, J-J, Simmons, A, Peubey, C, Laloyaux, P, Komori, T, Berrisford, P, Dragani, R, Trémolet, Y, Hólm, EV, Bonavita, M, Isaksen, L, Fisher, M. (2013) The data assimilation system and initial performance evaluation of the ECMWF pilot reanalysis of the 20th-century assimilating surface observations only (ERA-20C). ERA Report Series 14
  • Observation feedback:

    Poli, P, Hersbach, H, Berrisford, P, Dee, DP. (2015) The observation feedback archive for the ICOADS and ISPD data sets. ERA Report Series 18


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