WCRP Task Team for Intercomparison of ReAnalyses (TIRA)

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The primary charge to the TIRA is to develop a reanalysis intercomparison project plan that will attain the following objectives.

  1. To foster understanding and estimation of uncertainties in reanalysis data by  intercomparison and other means
  2. To communicate new developments and best practices among the reanalyses producing centers
  3. To enhance the understanding of data and assimilation issues and their impact on uncertainties, leading to improved reanalyses for climate assessment
  4. To communicate the strengths and weaknesses of reanalyses, their fitness for purpose, and best practices in the use of reanalysis datasets by the scientific community

A white paper outlines the need for TIRA. A core group has been identified and these pages serve that groups documentation offline discussion needs.

Contribute a peer reviewed paper on reanalysis intercomparison to a collection of citations.

The Task Team working pages can be found here.

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