Should there be a Code Base to facilitate Reanalysis Analysis and Intercomparison

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A set of easy to use subroutines and methods would be nice to have. Some of these might be available or partially available in different languages.
Here are some possibilities. Some may already exist.

1) Create an area averaged timeseries from a lat/lon region (taking into account 0 or 180 bounds).
2) Calculate PNA, SOI, AO, NP and so forth from output or ensemble means.
3) Calculate same indices using ensemble members
4) Create an arbitrary seasonal timeseries from a monthly timeseries
5) Interpolate data from one grid to another (w/o all the tedious obtaining of the lat/lon, flipping longitudes, etc)
6) Switch data with units A to units B.
7) Create an ensemble spread and mean for each time.


List functions and then how to do them in language A,B,C. For missing functions, we could look for someone to write and suggest them to NCL, CDO, etc.

For example

Interpolate one grid to another

  1.   NCL: look at this page (people can submit comments and caveats)
  2.   CDO: do this ""
  3.   NCL: do this ""
  4.   GrADS: do this ""
  5.   Python: do this






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