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MERRA-2 references

First pick the correct variable here:

When you click on the correct variable, it will take you to a second webpage with tabs that you can click that include: (1) documentation papers you need to cite, and (2) the correct variable citation information. (And you apparently need both types of citation). For example, below is a link to the page for 3d assimilated, 3-hourly, model level data (i.e. the equivalent of what everyone uses for 6-hourly ERA-Interim variables like temperature).

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I have two questions

1) what variables are used to calculate total reconstructed PM2.5(inst1_2d_bot_Nx: Bottom Layer Diagnostics) produced by MERRA-2 GMI?

2) When calculate the total reconstructed PM2.5, what variables are weighted? how much they are weighted?

Thank you in advance  



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