Getting COVID Related data from Reanalyses

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There are a number of variables of potential interest to researches investigating links between weather/climate and infectious diseases. The most common ones 2m temperature, 2m relative humidity, 2m specific humidity, and precipitation. There are other potential variables including 2m Tmax and Tmin. Most reanalyses make data available at monthly and daily (or sub daily time scales).

Here are ways to get these variables from different reanalysis is not an specific endorsement for this research. Most values will have an "error bar". Researchers should carefully read documentation on limitations and consider other sources as well. 


20CRv3 1836-2015. Uses pressure as input. 


cd to 

2m temperature: /Datasets/20thC_ReanV3/Dailies/2mMO/ (for previous 1981 use 2mSI).


2m specific humidity:  /Datasets/20thC_ReanV3/Dailies/2mMO/ (for presvios1981 use 2mSI).


2m relative humidity:  /Datasets/20thC_ReanV3/Dailies/2mMO/ (for previous 1981 use 2mSI).


precipitation rate: :  /Datasets/20thC_ReanV3/Dailies/sfcMO/ (for previous 1981 use sfcSI).


JRA-55: 1958-present

Get a login

ncftp -u username -p password

cd /JRA-55/Hist/Monthly/

download files: go to directory/

2mT: anl_surf125: var name TMP_GDS0_HTGL_S113

rhum:anl_surf125: R_GDS0_ISBL_S113"

2mq anl_surf125: var name PFH_GDS0_HTGL_S113

prate fcst_phy2m125.TPRAT_GDS0_SFC_S130

Files are grib Convert to netCDF


ERA20-C: 1900-2010?


2m temperature: Month

2m specific humidity

2m relative humidity

precipitation rate: 


NCEP Reanalysis 1948-2020.

 Updated to near present and starts earlier than most.  Lower resolution than some. Usees an older model. 


cd to 


2m temperature: /Datasets/ncep.reanalysis.dailyavgs/ (day) /Datasets/ncep.reanalysis.derived/ (month)

2m specific humidity: /Datasets/ncep.reanalysis.dailyavgs/ (day) /Datasets/ncep.reanalysis.derived/ (month)

2m relative humidity: /Datasets/ncep.reanalysis.dailyavgs/ (day) /Datasets/ncep.reanalysis.derived/ (month)

precipitation rate:: /Datasets/ncep.reanalysis.dailyavgs/ (day) /Datasets/ncep.reanalysis.derived/ (month)




Not sure how to get daily.,





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