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List of web-based tools for comparing reanalysis datasets:


GOAT (Geophysical Observation Analysis Tool) is a free MATLAB based tool for the analysis and visualization of various types of geophysical data.

GOAT archives all geophysical data in a consistent format thereby alleviating many of the annoyances related to the inconsistency of spatial and temporal resolutions, naming, units and file formats across the ever growing number of observed and simulated geophysical datasets. 


Andy Barrett (not verified)

Thu, 12/20/2018 - 12:53

Nice tool.  However, the MERRA-2 global average precipitation rate is different from that shown in figure 6 Bosilovich et al, 2017, Atmospheric Water Balance and Variability in the MERRA-2 Reanalysis, J. Clim, 30.

I can send a screen shot and the plot if you need, just email me.

The plotting options I used are:

Dataset: MERRA-2

Variable: Precipitation Rate (note selecting this variable gives an option to select a level, I assume this is irrelevant but selected 1000 hPa)

Time averaging: None

Variable statistic: mean

Grid Point: -90 to 90 N, 0 to 360 E, no mask (All)

Output type: time series

Smoothing: 12 month running mean


Andy Barrett

NSIDC, CIRES, University of Colorado at Boulder

There are two global precipitation fields in the MERRA-2 flux data collection. PRECTOT is determined from the model physics and represents the condensation sink of water vapor out of the atmosphere. However, this field is not used for water source/forcing in the land surface.  PRECTOTCORR was developed by Reichle et al. to provide observation corrected precipitation to the land surface.  Fig 6 is PRECTOT, the modeled precipitation.  Make sure that PRECTOTCORR isnt being presented without explaining its purpose.

There is a substantial difference between these two fields over land. These need consideration in any water budget study.

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