What Is Reanalysis: Resources

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The resources in this page should be overviews and/or sharable links. Or they can be places to get text ideas when writing. Audiences will vary for these. Feel free to annotate links. 


  1. NCAR/UCAR: Atmospheric Reanalysis: Overview & Comparison Tables
  2. Wikipedia: Atmospheric Reanalysis and Ocean Reanalysis
  3. US CLIVAR: Reanalysis and Data Assimilation
  4. Hamburg: Ocean Reanalysis
  5. ECMWF: Climate Reanalysis
  6. ACRE: Reanalysis
  7. ECMWF: Reanalysis Fact Sheet (also PDF)
  8. RealClimate: "Reanalysis R Us"


  1. Copernicus ECMWF: What is Reanalysis: You Tube
  2. ERA5 Reanayisis: YouTube
  3. Evaluation of Reanalysis Products: NOAA CPO
  4. Reanalysis: From local measurements to global weather reconstructions: University of Bern

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Overview Publications


  1. Ocean Reanalysis Synthesis Directory: Hamburg
  2. Ocean and Atmospheric Reanalysis Dataset list: NCAR/UCAR

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