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To upload an image

New to Drupal 8

To upload an inline image into the text-editor please use the following steps:

1.) select the 'picture' icon in the text-editor toolbar

2.) upload your image

3.) set the alignment of the image and if you would prefer a caption, select 'save'.

4.) Now that the image is in your page you can scale it down by dragging the black box on the bottom right corner of the image.


1. Add a Page using the left hand navigation, or edit an existing page from the Edit tab.


2. Use the Insert/Edit Image tool from the tool bar just under Body. The tool button looks like a small mountain.

3. This will bring up the Image Properties dialogue. Enter a URL to an image or Click Browse Server

4. Browsing the server will bring up the File Browser . An already uploaded image file can be selected from your area, or you can Upload

by typing in a local filename or using Browse...

once the local file is entered under File:, click Upload.

5. After the file uploads, you must click Insert file

6. This will bring the Image Properties dialogue back. The URL will be the server path to your file. Click OK to enter the image into the editor


Alternate Directions

Copying and pasting directly into the editor works from

  1. Preview on Mac OS10.8 into Firefox 17.0.1

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