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OldWeather projects

Old Weather is far more complicated than most Zooniverse projects, but it is also a lot more interesting.
We not only transcribe the data; we have developed and continue to refine the transcription interfaces.
Additionally, we have a great community and lots of helpful information!

There are three separate projects:

Old Weather: Arctic
Current ships
We transcribe logs from Navy & Coast Guard ships in the vicinity of Alaska, Siberia, northern Canada, and Greenland.
We are trying to determine historical ice extent, but we are also interested in the weather.
Here is an example of the logs we are doing:
We transcribe the logs using LibreOffice spreadsheets. It is easy to use even for people not familiar with spreadsheets.
There is lots of information available in the forum and there are people who are happy to help.
For more information on this project, see the Introduction and the Transcribing Guide and/or send Randi a PM (Personal Message).

Old Weather: Whaling [BBCode from here]
OldWeather Whaling is designed to record the weather and the extent of sea ice in the Arctic. Other remarks are recorded too, ships met, natural phenomena, mutinies...
After the success of the spreadsheet system for government ships, the science team and the transcribers developed a spreadsheet-based version of Old Weather: Whaling.
Here is an example of the logs we are doing:
For more information on this project, see [url=][color=blue]START HERE. General outline, the project and how to help [/color][/url] and/or send [i]AvastMH[/i] a [url=][color=blue]PM (Personal Message)[/color][/url].

The above two projects concentrate on transcribing the logs for the scientists.
However, there is also historical information in the logs. The goal of the Editing project is to present this information in a reader-friendly form.
Editing is somewhat hidden away to avoid confusing new transcribers because the rules are different.
When transcribing, with a few exceptions, you transcribe what is in the log even if it is incorrect.
When editing, you edit: choosing which entries to include, correcting errors and adding historical context if you wish.
For more information on this project, see [url=][color=blue]Join us![/color][/url] and/or send [i]Caro[/i] a [url=][color=blue]PM (Personal Message)[/color][/url].

We also have word games [url=][color=blue]Word game: Anagrammatic variations[/color][/url] and [url=][color=blue]Word game: Last letters link[/color][/url] ;)

If you have questions, feel free to contact us or to post them in the forum.