TIRA 8Nov2016

Submitted by michael.bosilovich on Thu, 02/02/2017 - 10:00

Telecon Notes Nov 8 2016  9AM EDT


1) Welcome and TIRA charge  (Otis, Mike, Mich, 10 mins)

2) Self-introduction and brief oral presentation of your current reanalysis activities and interest/needs (all, 5 mins each)

3) A Reanalysis Intercomparison Project: what? how? who? when? etc - all (20 mins)

4) 5th International Conference on Reanalysis - Mich (5 mins)

5) TIRA leadership: co-leads (volunteers welcome) (10 mins)

6) AOB

7) Next conf call (5mins)



Bosilovich, Otis, Chris, Masatomo, Suru, Shinya, Mich, Hans, Matthias



ERA5 will be tentative week late release

Ensemble spread providing model variations

NCEP shooting 10 day forecasts and seasonal forecasts ensembles

SRIP Report, try to get on reanalysis,org  or at least links

JRA3Q  starting ~ FY2018

CLIVAR: ask for ORA-IP background slides to Magdalena?

Mike B to circulate GMAO slides?

5th International Conference on Reanalysis, 13-17 Nov 2017, Rome, more details soon

Doodle poll: 19-21 Dec

Follow up email from Mike, online cloud support for files and sharing information


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