TIRA 30Jan2017

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Telecon Notes 30 Jan 2017


  1. Welcome and Review of agenda (5min)

  2. Intercomparison Tools Summary (20min)

    1. WRIT - Gil Compo

    2. CREATE-IP - Jerry Potter

    3. Discussion of relationship of these to objectives of TIRA

  3. Emerging Issues in reanalyses (none so far, consider where this sits in agenda depending on the topics)

    1. Joint Experimentation ideas - all

  4. TIRA on reanalyses.org - show and tell

  5. AOB - From Poli  Special Issue on the reanalysis conference.


Attendees:   Jerry Potter, Chris, Mich, Mike, Hans, Magdelena, Masatomo, Matthias, Shinya, Otis

Add Jerry to TIRA on re.org (done by Gil)


CREATE - interpolating many reanalyses variables to common grid and format, Includes a number of access methods.   Remote access underway, and impressive number of 6 hourly variables, pushing server side access


Will need help with handling increments and how to deal with ensemble information (e.g. in 20CR ERA20C)

How to get the word out about CREATE?  Pass through WCRP panels and groups? Gil Recommends BAMS “In Box”    Mike B will submit links to CREATE and WRIT on GMAO page.

WRIT - meant for quick look, can download data after process. Several hundred plots per day made there

Mike B will start Discussion page for Joint Experimentation


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