TIRA 21Dec2016

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Telecon Notes Dec 21 2016


1) Introductory presentations: Ocean reanalyses (Magdalena), anyone else?

2) AGU informal TIRA meeting - Mike

3) emerging reanalysis issues - all

4) Update on ICR5

5) TIRA Web page?

6) AOB

  • Co-chair?

  • Proposed new members: Gil Compo, Jerry Potter


Attendees:   Mike B, Mich, Otis, Magdelena, Chris, Shinya, Masatomo, Matthias, Hans


  1. Magdelena Intro:  Ocean reanalyses critical in seasonal forecast;

ORA-IP since 2010, initiative to move to real time, common grids

Variables well constrained  300m  temp,  total steric height and ML depth

ORA-IP is in CREATE!,   Activities have included comparing analysis increments; evaluating signal to noise to get robustness

Workshop to show best practices  when using.  When will workshop be?

ARGO positions not assimilated in ocean reanalyses in general, pressure to deliver

Looking for volunteers to do sea-ice intercomparisons

Chris will share paper on sea-ice CMIP-ORA-IP intercomparison


2) AGU

Role of TIRA: main goal is define a general reanalysis intercomparison effort

How to organize the group: Gil promoting reanalysis.org both public and private page


Gil’s on-line intercomp tool

Masatomo: document vs process of intercomp?

Mike: outcome maybe some documentation but TBD

Copernicus doc to be shared

Hans: intercomp maybe also in obs space

Magdalena: some obs e.g. stratosp not necessarily reliable, so research topic



3) Emerging Issues

Something to pursue as a group?

MB will put a thread on reanalysis.org

Magdalena: impact of coupling?

Keep emerging issues as part of future telecons


4) ICR5

Science committee formed

Most funding from C3S and WCRP, reasonable fees

Expect big conf

Draft programme being developed, keynotes, oral+posters, 2 panel discussions

No discipline specific section, towards earth system reanalysis (main outcome of ICR4)

Rome Italy, 13-17 Nov 2017

End-users+ policy, climate indicators

Intercomparison throughout the conf


5)  TIRA www

TIRA web page: reanalyis.org

MR to update link on WDAC page


6) AOB

Co-chair: Magdalena will check internally

New members: Gil and Jerry ok

Doodle for next conf call week 30 Jan 2017

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